The Three Ways to Be the Most Popular Girl at Afternoon Tea Party

Afternoon tea party is a splendid way to get socialize with people. It looks so much fun to enjoy the sips of tea accompanied by some great light-snacks while listening to the giggles and conversation around. Certainly, these parties carry all the inclinations to turn a dull place into a happening and exciting venue. So, if you are planning to attend an afternoon party or thinking to host one, why not try something different with your appearance this time! Isn't it would be a great feeling to be the center of attraction for the party and grab the words of admiration from some of the ‘we-never-praise’ beings! Excited? Well, so are we


We are not going to talk about any general idea here, we are revealing something that has proved its worth in adding an endless grace and ageless charm to the beauty of numerous girls. Yes, you read it right, the custom-made sterling silver jewelry collection, Floral Eternity, from the distinguished house of Mia Jewelry Box is the perfect compliment-grabber to get all eyes on you.

Further, to redefine your look, Mia Jewelry Box brings to you the 3 Ways to be the most popular girl at afternoon tea party.

1. Choose the right attire

"Oh, look at her, isn't she looking disgusting!" Well, if you have attended the afternoon tea parties, you must be aware of the fun that ladies usually do while noticing others. Don't act as an element of fun for them, instead, be prompt to wisely choose what you will wear this time. Especially, avoid wearing too heavy dresses and try to get in some light and seasonal fabric. Simply, go for attire that looks good on you and not the one that looks good to your eyes.

Lifesaver tip: If you are buying a new dress, try it once comfortably even when you know it is as per your dimensions. Once you try it, you will get to know more details and absolutely the flaws, if any.

2. Apply right makeup

Often girls chap their face with the wrong kind of makeup that literally looks visible like a layer. Avoid this mistake and don't give others a chance to chuckle at your back. Concede, you are born beautiful, so only apply a thin layer of makeup to add a perfect natural-looking grace to your face. Let people admire your beauty and take an inspiration from your skills.

3. Choose the right jewelry.

When it's about choosing the jewelry, don't confine yourself with the bogus pieces available in the market. For being the most popular girl at afternoon tea party, you need a perfect definition for your appearance that you can effortlessly get by adding Floral Eternity, the custom-made sterling silver jewelry collection from Mia Jewelry Box. A must-have jewelry collection for every girl, each piece of Floral Eternity carries a class of elegance and sophistication in its design. It's no ordinary sterling silver jewelry that you can find commonly available in the market, it’s a perfect blend of quality and craftsmanship that Mia Jewelry Box has gained with its years of extensive experience in designer jewelry making.

Look for the selected range of precisely-finished necklaces, earrings, and rings exclusively designed for you. Further, we bet, you will not resist grabbing them after perceiving the beauty of their designs. Of course, quality speaks itself.

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